I currently reside in DC. That’s a long ways away from where I snapped this photo – Cabo Polonio, Uruguay. This place is truly unique in that it’s a fishing village nestled in sand dunes, completely isolated from the rest of the country. And the country is a little isolated in itself. It’s a small, quiet community during the wintertime, which was when I went. We were drawn to this village with the promise that we’d see lots of penguins. And we did. Dead ones. Apparently Cabo Polonio is where penguins come to die – they know when they’re old and the protective oil on their feathers is wearing thin. It was a little morbid, but the weirdness of this place was too enveloping to notice after a while.

There’s something alluring about Cabo right now. Maybe it’s because I’m not fond of DC weather in winter, but just seeing tiny shacks randomly strewn across the beach like some master architect rolled a handful of die, and where they landed homes would be built, would be enough to get me on a plane and lay on this shore forever.

Reminiscing is fun, but not when there is work to be done. I’ll end this self-indulgent post.