There is something immensely soothing about this photograph. I’d initially chosen to sell this Anthropologie dress online in an effort to get some extra cash for my summer trip. And then I started taking pictures of it, detailed pictures. It was then that I realized its true beauty. The fabric is in no way traditional – it’s very graphic with an array of brown and black stripes that have no organizable pattern. And yet it exudes my kind of style. I can see myself wearing it on a windy day on a boardwalk with my hair in a ponytail and some pearl earrings. Throw in some red lipstick. When I see a piece of clothing, and a mental image like this pops up (momentary but specific), I know it’ll be hard to shake once it’s gone for good. So I guess this dress is worth keeping.

I’d made it a point this fall to simplify my life, cut out the unnecessary fat. In this case, the fat is stuff. Clothes, shoes, random trinkets that no one really needs. I have this image in my head of having a closet one day that houses quality pieces of clothing, all which are made to last, all beautiful on their own, and all get the same amount of usage. Absolutely no excess. I haven’t reached that point yet, but I’m confident it’ll come to me one day if I don’t waste money on things I don’t need/won’t wear, and simply stop searching for something that takes copious amounts of cash to achieve anyway. If a closet reflects a person’s mental state, then hopefully such a wardrobe will be a product of everything else in my life, and come naturally with time. Each piece will be collected with care and conjure up a memory or a story, and that could be the only time ‘stuff’ makes you happy.  This striking summer dress that I was going to sell has a place in this imaginary closet, so I’ll keep it around and definitely get some wears out of it. If many months pass and it hasn’t been touched, it’ll be time to say goodbye and it won’t be missed.