Believe it or not, this is more than a sandwich. I had drudged downstairs one day, looking for something to eat. My mom had left the house and whining to her about my lunch options was not in the cards. I started digging through the fridge and pantry to see what ingredients were available. I was not optimistic at first because my house always has the most random foods, thus creativity is a must. I pulled out the eggs, some slices of honey ham, a block of manchego cheese, and some italian bread. I began preparing each component quite apathetically because I didn’t really know what would come out of these half-hearted efforts. And then the vision appeared in my mind, and so did a simultaneous spring in my step. I laid the raw egg on a sizzling skillet, side by side with the honey ham. Hell, I threw some fresh rosemary and garlic seasoning on there too. It couldn’t hurt. I sliced up the bread and put the pieces in the toaster, but I grew impatient quickly and it was probably the first toast I’d made in years that wasn’t burned in at least one spot. The egg was almost done, the ham was browning, but something was missing. A second look through my fridge, and I spotted some red currant jam sitting untouched on the door shelf. I’d been playing around with flavors all week, and one of my favorite combinations had to be sweet and bitter together. So, on went the red currant jam, followed by the egg, manchego cheese, honey ham, another layer of jam, and the toast to finish it off. I took a step back, and it was glorious.

Why all this obsession over a stupid sandwich, you might ask. Right afterwards, I felt the need to photograph my masterpiece and the photo turned out much better than expected. The key to food photography is natural lighting. I brought the sandwich close to my dining room window and started shooting away with different angles, distance, etc. I ate the thing rapidly and it was delightful, to say the least. Later on, I decided to submit my work to a great food blog called The Hungry Dudes. Their posts average usually no more than 50 notes, and within only a few days of posting, my photo had collected more than 500 responses! To me, this is both an important and small victory. It made me realize that I can do something that can appeal to a lot of people, no matter how insignificant. You have to start somewhere.