If I took anything away from Argentina, it would be the value of sitting and drinking coffee. Frequenting cafes is a way of life there, just like in Europe, and I just wish it were a custom in the US that I could partake in daily. The chaos, the rush, the go-go-go attitude here can be very off-putting and stressful, and I believe everyone would benefit from adopting this custom. It’s about enjoying the moment and not taking life too seriously. If I had any complaint about the students at my university, it would be that they’re too future oriented and not at all present oriented. Some kids can’t wait to graduate the moment they’re accepted in college. Who ever said these were supposed to be the best years of our lives?

Cafe culture is not only about drinking a cup of coffee and whichever side pastry you choose. It’s also about enjoying your company, or lack thereof. It’s about taking 30 minutes out of your day to calm down, regroup, and refresh. How better life would be! I don’t really understand why this hasn’t caught on yet.