I consider myself an amateur photographer. I play around with my settings a lot, and I’ve taught myself a great deal but there’s still a long way to get to National Geographic quality. Many photos turn out poorly, but once in a while I get a shot like this. I went on a small fishing excursion with my little brother. He hooked this baby fish, and he carefully pressed back the fish’s stinging fins. What gets me every time is the creature’s “Oh! You’ve caught me!” face. That, with my brother’s dirty, pudgy hands is what makes me so proud of this shot.

I resolve to keep on trying. Right now, I’d say out of every 100 shots, I get 5 or 10 great ones. Only practice will increase that statistic. A dear friend of mine just gave me a new lens for my Nikon, but I haven’t tried it out in natural lighting yet. My goal is to take as many pictures as I can everyday, so hopefully one day you’ll see one of my photos in the prestigious pages of a Nat Geo spread.