I used Tumblr to launch my very first blog. I’d been a huge fan of Collegehumor at the time, and all my favorite actors and comedians on the site raved about Tumblr. They even posted a video about an “intervention” – one staff member didn’t have a Tumblr, so they all met in a large room, told him they cared for him, and that it was time to sign up and join the revolution. I thought this hilarious, and after considering starting a blog of my own, the natural choice seemed to be Tumblr. It was advertised as ridiculously easy to use and most importantly, fun.

I’m very new to WordPress and I must admit, at first glance, site navigation takes some getting used to. But I already consider it better. While Tumblr is “self-oriented”, WordPress is “other-oriented” – the main goal of Tumblr is to gain as many followers as possible and I feel WordPress stresses blogging for the sake of blogging. But the most important difference, and what eventually annoyed me enough to leave Tumblr, is that WordPress is a platform that encourages original content. How many readers someone gets is directly correlated to the quality/originality of posts. On Tumblr, people can have thousands of followers simply by reblogging something they like. The maximum effort put into a blog like that is a click of the mouse, which only circulates the same material over thousands of blogs, and they’re rewarded for it. Yes, Tumblr is easy to use. Too easy to be legitimate.

WordPress: 1, Tumblr: 0