Procrastination is my biggest demon. The abominable habit has haunted me for years, and as I sit here in the library with mountains of work that just isn’t getting done, I’m thinking there has to be solution. Maybe soon enough I’ll come up with a quick list of Squeaky Robot Tips. You know what, I think I will right now. (This doesn’t count as procrastinating because it might help me later! Stop your eye rolling.)

1. Believe you can do it: After years of therapy, I discovered that one possible reason I was putting assignments off was because I didn’t think I was smart enough to do a good job. I was trying to avoid the magnitude of effort that it would require to produce an A paper.  In short, I didn’t believe in myself. Unfortunately, I still have this mindset somewhat, but I’m not going to give up trying. All it takes is will power, self-discipline, and a positive attitude! (Oy vey)

2. Think about how you’ll feel afterwards: This works sometimes. The mounting stress is just too much to bear after a while. Once the weight is lifted off the shoulders, you’ll breathe again and just be happier.

3. Work on and off, taking small interval breaks: I learned that going into a work session with the mindset “just sit down and don’t stop until it’s finished” never works. In fact, it can further damage productivity. I found that working for 30 minutes with a 5 minute break, then 40 minutes with a 10 minute break, and so on is much more effective. Overall, the work gets done faster.

4. Pretend the deadline is sooner than it is: This is an interesting one. Maybe I should email my professor and ask him to make the deadline earlier for me and later for everyone else without me knowing. Not sure how that would work, but it’s worth a shot.

5. If all else fails: Procrastinate, do poorly, then learn your fucking lesson. :D