This photo I snapped in Montevideo embodies the country perfectly. There weren’t many tourists when I traveled there, but while walking down a cobblestone-ridden alley in the Old Town, I saw a European couple ahead of us take a glance at these marvelous fruits and continue to walk briskly towards their intended destination.

Like this fruit grid, Uruguay is rugged and largely overlooked, a sad prospect considering it has so much to offer. It’s a colorful little country; friendliness is a nationwide characteristic and the scenery rivals that of its gargantuan neighbors. Uruguay lacks Argentina’s arrogance, Brazil’s overwhelming mega-cities, and Paraguay’s lack of anything (just kidding). Even Montevideo, its largest city, has the feel of a small but charismatic urban block where everyone knows everyone. People live simply but well over there, and I think many would benefit from adopting their humble and nonchalant attitudes.  What I don’t understand is, with produce looking like this, why does anyone live anywhere else??