Greece has about 1400 islands and over 200 of them are uninhabited. This means that if you happen to be stranded in the Mediterranean – don’t you hate it when that happens – there’s a good chance you could land on an island completely unscathed and undeveloped. In other words, this sea is peppered with 200 pockets of paradise. Excuse me, I have to get myself to Greece.

I’ve been enamored by this country for quite some time now. Especially with the mountainous islands or the countryside to the north, there’s an aura of mystery, purity, and history that can be felt on the face just as Greece’s sun can be felt on your skin. On every hike and every walk, I couldn’t rid the feeling that something important happened in the very spot I stood. Once, perhaps, a family nearby would go for picnics in that area and laugh and eat and lay in the grass – the feeling that someone has been there before and they were happy. It’s just a sensation I couldn’t shake. Maybe it’s the uncluttered architecture paired with the constantly blue skies, but Greece lets you breathe – the kind of breath without any weight on it. That’s why for any ailment of any sort, I’d prescribe a trip to Greece. You’re welcome.

I was lucky enough to stay with my friend’s grandparents in Athens during my last visit. It was a great option financially, but I also soak up any opportunity where I can live with locals. The experience is always richer. My hosts were extremely gracious and kind; the stay really supported my theory that every grandma, regardless of race or nationality, will try to shove food in your mouth as if you’re a Hoover vacuum cleaner. And good food it was.

Every morning, she would attempt to convert me to the Orthodox faith, and every morning I would smile and nod, agreeing that the world would be a better place if everyone were Orthodox. She gave me dark chocolates everyday! It was the least I could do. But to be honest, I wouldn’t mind attending church every week if I lived on a Greek island with fresh fish and Greek boys and a tiny but gorgeous chapel like the one above. To each his own.