There was something cleansing about watching the heavy water roll back and forth, washing this coastal steppe that a colony of sea lions call home in Punta Piramides, Argentina. Occasionally a baby would stray from the pack and near the edge, only to be greeted by a new wall of water and subsequently swept back to its mates; it would try again later. The reverberations of this phenomenon matched with the unforgiving wind completely displaced me from reality, and it seemed like I could stand in that spot forever. All ailments forgotten, the rich blue of the water brought a sudden stoicism and calm over me (this photo hasn’t been edited); I’d forgotten about my anger five minutes before, anger that resulted from my memory card once again becoming full. Sometimes it’s good to put down the camera, sometimes the most special things shouldn’t be captured and shared, and sometimes it’s worth taking a step back and really seeing where you are.