My love of Greek food food knows no bounds, as evidenced by my frequent restaurant excursions throughout DC despite the teeny number in my bank account. The soul food, Ethiopian, Latin American, and Asian options are copious and, thus, as are the opinions as to which one is best (only I know which ones are best), but only one Greek dive consistently reigns supreme, and that’s Zorba’s Cafe in Dupont. Not only does the name bring the hilarious movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding to mind, but the food is as authentic as 4th generation Greek immigrant food can be, which is real authentic. The handed-down recipes are legit, and I made sure of this by: 1) Going to Greece. 2) Eating here. It was an unwanted and comprehensive task, but someone had to do it. My verdict: anyone who makes spanakopita that flaky and savory and creamy gets my vote, which is good for them because I am the undisputed DC restauranteur, and Zorba’s Cafe should know that my vote is worth exactly the amount of moneyz I spend on my next order. Best of all, this place meets, if not exceeds, the hype, which cannot be said for some tourists hotspots like Ben’s Chili Bowl*.

*I like Ben’s Chili Bowl, but the correlation between waiting time and quality of said chili is a negative one. Get the chili cheese fries. mmm.