Looks like this is the first travel/life blog that has inadvertently become a food blog. What?? I don’t leave the country until May! Until then, the subject most frequently on my mind is food. Rightly so.

I went for brunch and a ‘sploring date with a friend from school; she turned 20 today! We ate at Virage, an East Village bistro that was one part eclectic, one part mediterranean, and one part cheap. Both egg dishes were $10, something unheard of anywhere in New York, especially because there was a substantial amount of foods on ma plates. We stumbled upon this restaurant after Plan A failed, and honestly I wasn’t expecting much. But the service, food, and prices overshadowed the generic exterior, and I’ll be sure to add this to my mental restaurant directory. Not kidding – there’s a little man at a desk working very hard up there.

Then we had to get desert in Little Italy. As if there was any other option. It was pretty steep for a platter of two tarts and a cannoli, but the whipped cream was freshly whipped with a chunk of dark chocolate stuck in the middle, and I find it easy to forgive.