It’s amazing what happens when you follow the TVs’ advice, to turn off the TV and live your life. More and more tasks get crossed off the to-do list, there’s more time for people and sleep, and life seems to run just a little bit smoother. The inevitable malfunctions in the system don’t dissipate, but your former outlook on them does, making their relative power weaker and inconsequential. They soon become tiny speed bumps in your life as they’re unavoidable but temporary, and you cherish your ability of moving above and beyond whatever is thrown in your direction. Yes, these TV’s know what’s up.

These particularly wise tellies are part of a profusion of graffiti, vandalism, and street scenes that is Valparaiso, Chile. Among the city’s tangled alleys and staircases is this little postmodernist statue, art in itself, junk with a message. The ironic part is that people who are owned by technology, glued to TV, and people who are consumed by a virtual world are less likely to come across this place, hidden in the labyrinthian roads of Valpo. It could even be interpreted as an augury against general obliviousness, for those people who are blind to things that matter.

This is the type of place you find when you stop looking.