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Excerpt from My Research Paper

Posted on April 25, 2011

Can you guess what I’m writing about? “Although using the egg reference violates Orwell’s condition of a lack of imagery, Chamberlain is making light of a serious proposition, one that would impact millions albeit “lesser” human beings all over the world, and he’s doing it under the guise that “[the British] have determined to wield the scepter of empire” (1632). Chamberlain seems to bear the pretense that aggressive imperialism is an exclusively British responsibility that they are pursuing not for Britain, but for the sake of the natives and for “the sentiment of kinship”. I suspect on some level that Chamberlain was preaching to the choir in his address given the frequent “laughter”, “cheers” and “expressions of agreement”, endearments that break up the text…


Posted on April 24, 2011

Georgetown is like the ultimate clash of civilizations. People come from all over to visit the capital of the “greatest country on earth” and those people proceed to flock to the Georgetown shopping district, a place where a meal will set you back $15+ and women in Louboutins chat on their blackberries next to barefoot homeless men. Walking down M St, you’re likely to overhear dozens of languages and chances are someone will ask you for directions in broken English. Rich women from the Middle East, students from Western Europe, and groups of enthusiastic Asian kids who revel in American fashion crowd the small blocked sidewalks, and I somehow feel out of place with my unassuming purse, red headphones, and denim button-down. It was…

FroYo and Frivolity

Posted on April 22, 2011

Who would have thought? Blueberries are indeed blue, and blackberries are indeed black. Now if the red ones would just look like straw. What has been a terrible interesting learning experience in the past 48 hours, I think I can now re-enter the world relatively normal, whatever that means. A last minute all-nighter in the library two nights ago begs me to ask the question: what do I do with my time to make sleep conditional, a value that makes me fall asleep during exams? Truthfully answering that is a reality I’m not prepared for. It was comforting to find that the library never sleeps during final season, and it was still as busy at 4 am as it is at 10 pm – people…

Holi 2011

Posted on April 18, 2011

My camera took a beating during this Holi event. I ran to the quad between errands and commitments in an effort to document the most colorful celebration I would encounter in a while. As I approached the site, I saw a gargantuan nebula of thick pink smoke with faint outlines of people running chaotically in and around it. I felt like a war photographer – all vows for objectivity were ignored as it was hard not to get involved in battles using powder bombs, water guns and balloons, and strategic group sabotage. People laughed, screamed, hugged, held others captive, and jumped at any chance of having a picture taken of themselves. I was relieved because it was one of those times I could photograph…

The Flower

Posted on April 17, 2011

Our lives are full of contradictions.  It’s easy to call out the hypocrisy of others but not so easy to concede to your own shortcomings. I, for example, say I have no time for just about anything these days, and yet I find time to tediously adjust a manual lens to get the focus on this flower just perfect. But in retrospect, I would rather be a little hypocritical than be blind to understated beauty, regardless of schedule or length of my to-do list.

The Stoop Scoop

Posted on April 13, 2011

My friend and I have come up  with a fun little project called The Stoop Scoop. Born on the steps, no, STOOP, in front of our building, we decided to launch an original blog dedicated to the street – street food, street style, people watching, events, occasions, happenstances, run-ins, the whole lot. When inspected closer, its the place where people from all corners of world clash, sometimes literally, and we realized street life goes largely under-appreciated and sadly overlooked. But not anymore! Check out my trip to the Middle East, and I did it all without leaving the vicinity of The Stoop.


Posted on April 10, 2011

The role of social media should not be understated, which is why I’m on a mission to help market the small spice and tea shop I work at in Georgetown. I plan to revamp our sad, sad Facebook page as well as institute other online platforms that will let people know OUR CINNAMON IS BETTER THAN ALL OTHER CINNAMON, as evidenced by the above photo. The best part is, I don’t see this as just another responsibility but something I like/want to do. It will most definitely result in an awesome explosion of marketing, profiting, photography, foodstuffs, and competition against that damn Portland store, which we will be sure to win, especially because they don’t realize we’re competing. BIG NEWS: Our highly requested and…

Spring and Monet

Posted on April 7, 2011

I’m channeling my inner artist in this photo – I’m going to be pretentious and call it Monet-esque? Maybe? DC has finally overcome its indecisiveness and committed to a season. You know its truly spring when you make extra efforts to dodge fat, gravity-defying bumblebees and run away from the bible-thumpers who have usurped the campus’ center.