My camera took a beating during this Holi event. I ran to the quad between errands and commitments in an effort to document the most colorful celebration I would encounter in a while. As I approached the site, I saw a gargantuan nebula of thick pink smoke with faint outlines of people running chaotically in and around it. I felt like a war photographer – all vows for objectivity were ignored as it was hard not to get involved in battles using powder bombs, water guns and balloons, and strategic group sabotage. People laughed, screamed, hugged, held others captive, and jumped at any chance of having a picture taken of themselves. I was relieved because it was one of those times I could photograph people without feeling weird or awkward about it. This shot is a good representative for the rest of the album – much action, color, and smiles. It relieved the tension of what normally is a corporate gray city.

I liked seeing human figures doused in rainbows, making their bright white smiles stand out like a white lily among roses.