Who would have thought? Blueberries are indeed blue, and blackberries are indeed black. Now if the red ones would just look like straw.

What has been a terrible interesting learning experience in the past 48 hours, I think I can now re-enter the world relatively normal, whatever that means. A last minute all-nighter in the library two nights ago begs me to ask the question: what do I do with my time to make sleep conditional, a value that makes me fall asleep during exams? Truthfully answering that is a reality I’m not prepared for. It was comforting to find that the library never sleeps during final season, and it was still as busy at 4 am as it is at 10 pm – people like me frantically writing papers, groups rehearsing presentations with a nervous twinge in their voices, and students passing out and drooling on their overpriced textbooks. College. 

Going  back into the world post-hermit-dom is not easy. People will ask: “How’ve you been? How’s everything? Tell me every single detail about your last few days!”. I suspect a lot of one word answers will follow: “Good”, “Busy”, “Alright”. There is nothing less stimulating to me than these types of conversations, but if one is to have friends and at the same time choose to become a hermit, one must endure asinine social exchanges. 

Now if I could just get some frozen yogurt with fruit before it begins.