Can you guess what I’m writing about?

“Although using the egg reference violates Orwell’s condition of a lack of imagery, Chamberlain is making light of a serious proposition, one that would impact millions albeit “lesser” human beings all over the world, and he’s doing it under the guise that “[the British] have determined to wield the scepter of empire” (1632). Chamberlain seems to bear the pretense that aggressive imperialism is an exclusively British responsibility that they are pursuing not for Britain, but for the sake of the natives and for “the sentiment of kinship”. I suspect on some level that Chamberlain was preaching to the choir in his address given the frequent “laughter”, “cheers” and “expressions of agreement”, endearments that break up the text much like the word “um” reoccurs in a sorority girl’s speech. Indeed, it should be mentioned for the sake of my argument that the excerpt from Chamberlain’s speech is one example Orwell would indubitably include, have there had been space for it.