My last memory of Russia was watching german shephards eagerly search our train cabin and belongings, a comedic mirror considering our first impressions of this backwards shithole of a country (I say that with love!) were less than inviting.

What will I miss the most? The people, the language, and the food. In a place where camels gallop down city streets, Veyrons cruise around like its no big deal, where rural poverty still commands the majority, and where stilettos are considered acceptable footwear for grocery shopping, one of the only links between the west and east is food. Considered gross by many, it takes me back to my childhood days when my grandma would fill me up with polish food, a culinary cousin, until I would burst from a full tummy and happiness. But eat a forkful of meat in Petersburg and you might as well be in Vladivastok if you close your eyes. Good affordable restaurants are just as hard to find in Moscow as they are in Irkutsk and when russian food is bad its disgusting and when its good its delicious. Its the thing all russians are first to share regardless if there is enough for themselves, its often the last thing they see before they take that “just one more” shot of vodka. The Russia I know showed me good food and even better people, which is why I want to say goodbye to the land of white nights and hearty vodka with a post about food.


До свидания Россия. Было весело. И вкусно