Go to Blake for recaps, summaries are not my forte. I despise them actually.

Traveling invites all types of people into your life whether they’re welcome or not. They might inspire you to do something new. Stephane from Switzerland/France has convinced me to begin a new project come January 1, 2012. They might rekindle your belief in the good of humanity. The ger families we visited were nothing but hospitable and friendly to complete strangers, complete foreigners. They might remind you to stay on your toes at all times. This Irishman sitting next to me is spewing the most bullshit I’ve ever heard in a twenty-minute time frame. They might show you that life is a little better when you stop taking eveything so seriously. Our driver Ongo is 250 pounds of fun, all day every day. Most importantly they remind you to appreciate and recognize all of humankind’s complexities, a condition that reaffirms the need for humility and forgiveness.