In other news, we made it to Beijing via train to the border then sleeper bus to the city. We woke up in our bunks at 4 am in a dusty parking lot, not realizing that everyone but the driver exited two hours earlier – and then the laughing subsided and we were lost in a city of 20 million people. AKA ADVENTURE. This post is proof that I’m alive because there is probably no wifi in heaven; they have better things to do, like wine tastings and jazzercise.

In other other news,  I just realized I blasted my music the whole trip, meaning everyone on the bus could hear that I was listening to the Pocahontus soundtrack on repeat with some Black Keys in between . It’s nice to know I give Americans a good name.

In other other other news, the graffiti shout out below to my little brother has a sister graffiti on the same rock wall; I so eloquently carved “SQ WUZ HUR” not two feet away. I then realized that my initials are not SQ but SR, and I am ashamed to say I worked on that graffiti for roughly twenty minutes.