I pull out my camera only to be greeted with a screen that says “NO MEMORY CARD” in all caps, as if it couldn’t believe I forgot the card again, its brain, and now it thinks terrible things of its owner. Well fuck you, camera, I don’t care what people/overpriced gadgetry think of me. On the contrary, forgetting it was a blessing in disguise because it forced me to see life through my eyes rather than a lens, which is nothing more than an unfeeling hodge podge of mirrors, glass, and specific calculation to the last millionth decimal place. A lens would not know that Huangshan manages to be one of the most gorgeous places on earth while still giving visitors an eerie suspicion that it is not quite of this earth –  evidence that this statement is not just opinion but FACT is that this mountain extensively inspired James Cameron while making Avatar. So there. It must be true. Also, the insects are huge and colorful and chase you with an unsually determined vengeance, something which is typical of space bugs.

So then how is it that I produced this photo, my only photo from the whole goddamn place? Misha was kind enough to lend me his camera for 1/400 of a second, given that that is the shutter speed I chose. This photo doesn’t communicate just how remarkable this mountain is – since you can’t get photos on this humble blog, the only logical solution is to go there yourself.