Likeng makes me snap-happy like a Columbian drug cartel is trigger-happy.

The moment that changes a fishing session.

My future abode where I’ll be sitting riverside, eating noodle soup and fried chicken, blasting Carlos Gardel, like a boss of course.

Better to be busy than bored.

Allow me to clear up the hazy message this photo communicates with an illuminating caption: This man is wearing yellow sandals.

I ate their brother for dinner.

This gambling ring is a 24/7 operation.

Tracking down the elderly in alleyways seems to be my specialty.

To sit and to draw: the world’s most underrated activity.

When an internal and external lack of water threatens your well-being, find moving water and dip your legs in, pants and all.

Blake finally got the chance to do his laundry.

An easy life isn’t always a good one. In fact, it never is.

Summertime in China. To quote Misha, who periodically quotes this Dan Black lyric: “If life is life and dreams are dreams, I’m floating somewhere in between.”