About two years ago,  I was procrastinating on the internet when I stumbled upon this. It left an impression, to say the least, and I enthusiastically shared the link with friends. The conversation topic always transformed into an exchange of dares and an instant separation of the adventure-seeking and the I-would-rather-keep-my-feet-on-the-ground people. “Would you do it?” would be retaliated with “Fuck yes, I would”, “Fuck no, I would not”,  and everything in between. Then there are always the people who say they’d do something, but actually faced with a 2000 m cliff beneath their feet becomes a daunting reality, and they’re soon to switch teams. Turns out, I’m not the former.

The link was misleading in that this cliffside trail does not lead to a tea house. The trail leads to a mountain terrace laced with greenery, drowned in red ribbons torn solely from the wind, and an outhouse-sized Taoist shrine dug into the mountain.  This place is an entirely separate entity, having nothing to do with any of the famed peaks. The trail is a short 100 meters, but every step is difficult in that you’re fighting with yourself the whole way, debating whether you should look at your feet, look  down, or at those views.

So after this hike, we continued our way to the South Peak. Unspeakable things can be found there. All I know is, Squeaky Robot is a permanent fixture at the “Splendid Mountain”.