has convinced me to move to China.

Years ago, when Squeaky Robot was being taught table manners, she never would have imagined that one day she would be free of futile social norms that clouded the dining experience, given the choice to eat her food in whatever fashion she so pleases, and be faced with the complete reversal of stupid Western eating practices, only to be replaced with slurping, drinking from the bowl, and shoveling food into your mouth like your house is on fire but you can’t leave just yet because those dumplings are just too good and they’re better when the dough has just the right amount of crisp and an air of conflagration to it. Fresh from a winter in South America, I was the girl who swagged around campus with a mate cup in hand and a thermos under my arm . Now I’ll be the girl who eats everything with chopsticks – hamburgers, pizza, and whole steaks included. This is one case where old habits do not die hard. Eating is just better here. I’m caged back home. CAGED.