I GOT THE WINDOW SEAT. It was the best flight I’ve ever had, with nothing but food, music, movies, and pleasant people. I got no sleep, of course, because in the words of the great 30 Rock: “I don’t sleep on planes because I don’t want to get incepted.”

Leaving China was hard. Tears were shed. Group singing occured. I haven’t experienced a goodbye that difficult or dramatic since Ben & Jerry’s made the grave error of discontinuing their “Festivus” flavor.

My time with Korean Airlines was nothing but lovely and I now maintain that the Incheon Airport has the best bathrooms in Asia and the best 7 am bowl of kimchi. On board, they served hot pizza as a snack and frequently refilled my pineapple juice, which tells you everything you need to know about the level of “cool” they have achieved.

People would habitually warn me that I wouldn’t like Guangzhou, the weather there is terrible, and the people are unfriendly. They were a little wrong in the respect that I loved Guangzhou, the weather was great, and the people there might just be the kindest I’ve come across.

We arrived to Nepal utterly sleepless but we’ve managed to stay awake; Kathmandu’s energy gives you a buzz, and it’s hard to fall asleep when you know that out-of-this-world street food lies 20 meters in any direction. If China didn’t do it, today’s meals have hammered the final nail in the Squeaky-Robot-Is-Infested-With-Worms coffin. Worth it.