I don’t want to leave. The trip is coming to an end in six days, at which point I’ll be pulled onto the same miserable boat 100 million other Americans are currently sailing by enjoying a climate that is hotter than an average summer day in Equatorial Guinea. With time running short, I’m getting all nostalgic about Mongolia in particular. Above is one of my favorite shots from the whole trip, and the fact that my lens was peppered with dust and debris and a FLY right in the middle makes the photo even more top notch – the fly in question not only conveniently decided to die in the middle of the lens, but its carcass has permeated the whole album from that day. Someone alert Nat Geo that a girl who can’t clean her lens wants to work for them and if hired, she’d see to it that there are many conspicuous blemishes and dead insects of the flying sort on all of their editorials. In the meantime, I’ll soak up every little fantastic detail about Nepal – the creaminess of Sauraha’s banana lassis,  the warm rain that reliably soaks through everything every afternoon, indoors and out, and the nausea-inducing bus rides that leave you confused, disoriented, aching, and unbelievably grateful when you arrive and sink into a soft albeit dirty mattress. It’s the little things.