Getting a sleeve of henna in my last two hours in country was my closest chance of bringing Nepal home with me. After two hours in a chair and two dollars out of my pocket, Nepali people shouted across the streets “nice mehndi!”, little girls walked with me to stare at my arm and trace the flowery designs,  and rather than paying attention to what was in my backpack, airport security just stared and laughed at my limb covered in beautiful henna. Apparently newlywed girls in Nepal get both arms done for their wedding, so I got many inquiries if I was a bride-to-be. I loved the reception – more people came up and talked to me that day than our whole time in Nepal, which says a lot because Nepalis are a talkative and curious bunch when it comes to backpackers. Today, an Italian woman with a thick Long Island accent approached me and said: “Oh. My. Gawwwd. I love your tattoo. It is, like, way presh.” I smiled and thanked her, because it is indeed way presh.