This photo only begins to communicate why I can go on a ridiculously – no – unhealthily long tangent about how peeing in Mongolia is the greatest thing ever. In fact, as soon as I begin to rattle off the list, I’ve been known to clear a room. Too bad I can’t take a hint. So peeing in Mongolia is better than driving on an empty highway at night. It’s better than the smell of wood burning in winter. Better than morning tea or coffee. Better than when you check out an item and the price that appears is cheaper than the retail price. Better than reading the last page of a book really slowly because you don’t want it to end. Better than pizza with extra cheese and a crust that’s a little burnt. Better than airport food courts. Better than giving a gift that the receiver actually loves. Better than a postponed deadline. Better than someone who can take a joke. Better than Top Gear. That last one is how you should know I’m serious – no – passionate about the Mongolian ‘outdoor’ experience.

Kid’s got cool sandals.

Patan, Nepal

This photo was taken in Cabo Polonio, Uruguay.  I’m adding it here because while it’s not altogether relevant, it is altogether relevant in that it’s a picture of someplace cool in the world where everyone should go if they want to see dead penguins (it’s where they go to kick the bucket!).