I like this photo because if someone hasn’t been keeping up with the development and history of chinese river raft motors, this photo could have easily been taken in the seventies. Yes. I went to the seventies. So. Much. Polyester.

Swayambhunath, Nepal. 1963. The year Yugoslavia is declared a socialist republic, Lamborghini is founded, JFK is shot, full-scale Beatlemania hits the US, and who can forget the Great Train Robbery of ’63. What a year.

USSR in 1957, i.e. the last place anyone wanted to be. Khrushchev rules, but not really. Everyone knows the KGB has eyes everywhere. The nation comes first; Gagarin is a hero, his comrade Komarov is forced to take Gagarin’s place in a faulty spaceship and plunges to his death in a ball of fire: all hail Sputnik and the Motherland!

Mongolia, 2011.