My friend Peter sticks a squirming starfish in my face. Such a weird/cool starfish!

Rush sells overpriced coconuts and bananas on the beach of an isolated lagoon called Pirate’s Bay. He always has a fire going, which I appreciated because there’s nothing better than the smoky smell of wood burning.


The Kingfish eventually finds its way home to a ceramic plate, cradled by fried chips and coleslaw.

Back to DC, back to ‘real life’ if you will, is always a disconcerting adjustment. You think: “Why am I sitting here doing problem sets when there are 148,940,000 square kilometers of earth’s varied terrain to explore??”. That’s not even including the surface area of the oceans and other naturally-occurring watery constructions, which amount for seventy percent of the globe’s total surface!! In stark opposition to the hallowed cliche ‘it’s a small world’, it’s not at all small. It’s very large in fact.