DC is a diverse place but the metro brings us all together.

Dupont: The tantalizing Krispy Kreme glow catches your eyes before it catches your nose.

Wet benches border the Eye of Dupont. I used to come to these seats to read and to breathe, but all benches, not just these, are uninhabitable for a person on the run. Grass is softer and nicer anyway.

Coffee time.

Adams Morgan: I grab my books and my music and I come here for triple shot cappuccinos with latte art.

Rush hour lights weave through Rock Creek Park. Everyone has somewhere to be.

The secret Krispy Kreme glazing process is visible from the store’s window. I stand there hours at a time, hoping to unravel the secrets that allow perfectly glazed rings of fried dough.

The Capital Bikeshare system relieves a city teeming with traffic.

It’s late. The end of my day. Time to go home.