2012 Bucket List Update: learn how to make pierogi

I’ve taken pierogi for granted my whole life simply because they came so easily and abundantly. I would ask my grandma for some and a few days later, they would appear on the table in a greasy metal bowl, like out of thin air. Then I would indulge. But gone are the days of magic pierogi. My poor grandma’s hands have been stricken with arthritis, making it difficult, time-consuming, and painful to pinch the lips of each and every pierog. And I wouldn’t dare ask. You grow up and realize that the world doesn’t revolve around your pierogi needs.

So I added it to my bucket list of 2012, to learn how to make pierogi in the name of self-sufficiency.  But when describing how much of each ingredient is needed, my aunt seemed content to leave me with “some flour” and “just enough water”. There is no recipe. Just hunches, experience, and second nature. And I’ve no idea how to achieve any of the other aspects of quality pierogi: thin dough that melts in your mouth, the perfect savory-bitter potato and cheese filling, and so much more. Thus far, I’m left without a clue as to how to master these doughy enigmas. I am a master at eating them, however.