I wish I could build a library and call it “The Best of Everything that is Wonderful Home for Books”. I’d fill it with manuscripts, endless collections of thoughts about everything in the world that is the best: garden gnomes, when babies try lemon for the first time, snow forts, blanket forts, paintball forts, forts of any kind, talented street performers, the window seat on aeroplanes, aeroplanes, people who’ve good grammar, pizza with extra cheese and a slightly burnt crust, South African accents, and so, so, so much more. This list can go on forever, and in my mind, it does go on forever. I have many notebooks filled front-to-back with all the wondrous details in life that make living so unbelievably cool. The following is this list continued, but with photo counterparts.

Bars/establishments/anyone with a sense of humor.

When things just line up.

[Caption unnecessary]

Cats with a sunny disposition. (sarcasm)

Getting dirty.

Going shoeless.

The unknown.

People you meet on the road.

Street food…anywhere.

Poprocks. In bulk.



Warm summer nights.


Storytellers. People who’ve been to hell and back and can still smile. People who are kind, people who are intelligent but not arrogantly so, people who can laugh at themselves, people who have a conscious, people who know it’s ok to spoil themselves, people who give, people who have their priorities in order, people who are low-maintenance, people who love food and travel, people who are happy with themselves. People in general, but only some people. The guy who flipped me off today is excluded from the list for good! So there.