In this excessively future-oriented society, true relaxation has become a skill that some have forgotten or even intentionally ignored. These are some of the things I do to deflate, destress, and forget about everything even if it’s for a couple minutes. Some of them are DC specific, but they can be adjusted accordingly to any location in the entire universe. This blog, you see, has become a sorta-kinda-roundabout how-to manual for how I believe I should conduct my life, so I think listing some ways to successfully ward off stress is valuable and necessary. Depending on the day, these are also great procrastination techniques which could deter the desired effect. Oh well.

1) Clean your computer!  It’s so gratifying! As you can see, I’m overdue.

2) Indulge. Grapefruit sorbetto is my choice indulgence.

3) Go somewhere pleasant, even if it’s for a short while. I like to go to the Eastern Market. Here, I’m in cahoots with the Cheese Man who gives me especially large samples of every cheese, even though I always walk away with aged gruyere.

4) Celebrate a birthday. If no one has a birthday approaching, find something to celebrate anyway with a luscious cake. If it hadn’t been my sister’s birthday, I would have celebrated that JCrew discount I’d taken advantage of the day before. (30% off clearance items!!!)

5) Acquire a baby and make her laugh. Note: you don’t have to go through the whole process of traditionally acquiring a baby. Once a week, I help out some distant relatives in Adams Morgan who have a 3-year old boy and a 6-month old girl. I am thoroughly in love with them. Then afterwards, the two-mile night walk home is often the most relaxing 40 minutes of my week!

6) Sit in a coffee shop, drink a coffee, read, listen to music, write, whatever you want. Coffee time is synonymous with sudoku time. I’m not addicted to caffeine but I am addicted to number-placement puzzles.

7) Then there is always vodka.