Sometimes I dream about this photo, taken in southern Spain. Sometimes I dream I can dive from the highest antennae platform right into the sapphire water, like no distance separates the two, like it is all one horizon, like the world is really a 2D Mario game circa 1993 and no one is bothered by the hassles of 3-dimensionality.

Montevideo, Uruguay. Wintertime. The air is thick with exhaust and parilla fumes. I steer clear of this vendor’s display even though I am interested in purchasing oranges, simply because that is always an interest of mine. But I have a tendency to knock things over, and indeed, this has the potential to be the mother of all fuck-ups.

Spetses, Greece. There is some local joke about God making Greece a giant rock. I forget the punch-line as well as the words leading up to the punch-line. On this particular island, water meets land in the form of jagged and unwelcoming cliffs of varying heights. It is nice to jump off these cliffs, but not so nice to come back to them. The rough waves have an inclination to push you face-first into Greece.

The youth of Kathmandu, Nepal, are curious and energetic beings. Then again, it is difficult not to be given all the invasive stimuli that South Asia presents to natives and visitors alike. Something catches their attention while they catch my attention.

Charlotteville, Tobago. I enjoyed watching the water’s edge drape and cloak the smooth sand, erasing all previous evidence that anyone had ever been there at all. This is why I’ve given up on sand castles. They are emblems of nihilism. That, and I forgot my pail and shovel.

Somewhere in the Gobi Desert, Mongolia. The coolest place on this earth! It is also considerably hot. I saw my first mirage there. I thought I was seeing a giant turtle in the distance, and upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a restaurant shaped like a giant turtle. It was strange.

A couple years ago, DC was hit with a gnarly snowstorm. It was so sudden and unexpected and relentless that this entire metropolis shut down for more than a week. DC just wasn’t equipped to handle a storm like this one. It was post-apocalyptic. Streets empty, lights flickering, car alarms going off in the distance, heavy branches bending backwards and falling on tourists; school was out for almost two weeks, as was the government. Nothing happened, nothing could happen, until the snow plows made their way around the city, slowly but surely. In this time, I took a lot of photos and made a lot of snowmen (I consider myself an individual of classic tastes in this sense, whereas some unknown compatriots decided to build a giant nine-foot tall snow penis, which was agreed by many to be nothing short of a marvel). In any case, the same thing happened to this snow-novelty that happens to everything else, always. It came to an end, the DC gears started to turn again, and life went back to normal. Whatever the fuck that is.