After a month-long nerve-wracking misadventure with my Nikon FM, I finally see a finished product. Film photography is dying medium, but I’m still thrilled to use it. This camera has shaved years off my life just from sheer stress, but the feeling of seeing these photos materialized feels too good; the weight on my shoulders is alleviated, I breathe easier. I think I have a problem.

Cherry Blossom Festival, 2012. Ten minutes before I took this, the painter said that someone stole one of his paintings that was leaning against a nearby tree. He was fuming, and the last thing he probably wanted was for someone to steal another one of his images with a camera. A photo of the paints will have to do, I said.

What an adventure! Expose yourself to the magic of early 20th century French North Africa with a short walk to your local library.

Work until the light fades.

Get ’em while they’re hot, dawg. Small town America. The only thing I have in common with this establishment is our mutual love for adding ‘z’s to the send of wordz in a desperate effort to be cute.

My hobbies include but are not limited to: travel, photography, tennis, violin, eating, reading, skiing, ‘splorin. And now scuba. As if I needed another expensive way to conduct my time.

An interesting subculture that I’m now apart of! It feels delightful.

My jolly Filipino friend Denise.

Getting psyched for scuba.

The quarry from the top. I’m glad my finger wasn’t in the way or anything.