… to South America. Those who deem it cliche haven’t done it.

Run away and stay off the beaten path. Get to know a foreign place, leave it with new friends. Eat with the locals, you might learn something. Eat everything that’s placed in front of your nose; even if it’s still squirming, you might walk away with a new favorite food.  Avoid as much planning as possible; these plans will change anyway, often for the better. Be open, be kind, be appreciative of the world and all that’s in it. Give to those who need it, give to those who don’t need it. Travel cheaply in local transportation; your seat-mate may be a chicken, but it’s more awesome this way. Forget about comforts like wifi and hot showers. You don’t need them. You don’t need much. Carry little. Be a rogue. Be a tyrant. Go exploring for the sake of exploring. Have a fucking adventure. Tell your stories. Absorb your surroundings. Activate your curiosity. Walk until you can’t. Smile until it hurts. Go to South America.