I woke up this morning and decided to paint something on my orange accent wall. While I can be creative, the grandiose world of fine art has eluded me thus far, as my stick figures keep turning out to look like mops and broomsticks. As a result it’s rather sloppily done, but I forgive myself of any lack of acute artistic ability by finding perfection in wholly imperfect things. In short, it’s messy but it works. So for three hours I painted feverishly with ‘Across the Universe’ radio on Pandora by my side, a bowl of blueberries that were just the perfect amount of ripe (they must bounce 5 inches off the floor), and a gentle breeze from the windows that mitigated a hot summer day.

About the phrase: I first heard it uttered by a drunk Londoner in some hole-in-the-wall pub along the Thames. Since then, it’s been etched on my prefrontal cortex, no doubt. More importantly, I needed it. I’ve been sitting in the States, waiting for my Russian visa to come through. As soon as I have it, I’ll be off to Europe to have epic adventures wherever and whenever I please. But day after day it fails to come, all the while Euro Cup 2012 is breezing by.

Anyway, I need/want to be elsewhere now more than ever, I have to travel, so I thought I’d give myself a reminder. Every day when I wake up, I’ll be compelled to seek adventure, try new things, and make the best out of a monotonous, boring situation. A great solution to a good problem.