In you’re ever in a foreign land, let me divulge a crucial not-so-secret secret that I find people sometimes forget. Take the time, spare the energy, and spend the money to go to places and do things. You’ll only regret not going to those places and not doing those things.

In my case, I’ve been trying to maximize my time in Peter by seeking out the best bars and food and Russian cultural experiences, like the ballet and Zoom Cafe for instance. While I’m not one to be the most appreciative of ballet, this rendition of Don Quixote was visually stunning. And Zoom Cafe, the swanky restaurant featured below, is seriously cool. It’s like a lounge covered in books, pillows, coloring-book menus, crayons, and stuffed animals, only that it serves delicious food and drinks of modern Russia. They handed me the bill in an old copy of Great Expectations. In short, they will be seeing more of me.

And tonight I’m off to a hockey game.

Yes, I would most definitely regret not going to a Russian hockey game.