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I’m already back in DC, longingly scanning over photos and waiting for a few highly anticipated rolls to develop. Can’t wait till Wednesday!

Looking back at San Francisco, Eugene, Portland, and Seattle, I cannot pick a favorite. Because I don’t know the places very well at all. It was never about the place, I consistently preach, but all about the people. And some epic times were had, whether it meant eating cheese and bread on a sunlit San Francisco dock, breaking every plate and ceramic in a tiny Eugene kitchen, drinking beer and reminiscing about Russia over a lovely accordion performance in a dark green Portland lounge, or dining in one of Seattle’s fanciest restaurants (Canlis!!) with the best date ever. I love the people I know. And I’d shout that from the DC rooftops for the rest of time, but I’d probably be arrested, and the people in question would be unable to bail me out because they’re across the country. Properly, because of all the coasts they’re on the best one.