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Flowers from Stone

Posted on September 23, 2013

So I’ve been waddling around Warsaw for the past week. As previously mentioned, I’m here for neither business nor pleasure, for a funeral is neither something to profit from nor derive happiness from. What frightens me about life is not loss or change, it’s how quickly we get over them. Everything is so transient and we are so resilient, it invites the bleak sort of nihilism that is difficult to negotiate once it really takes hold. But in the midst of death and the philosophical inquiries it provokes, we are surrounded by life that is strong and persistent. As a result of my coming to Warsaw, I’ve seen faces that I had previously declared long-gone, dead in their own way, now resurrected. I have…

Travel is Minimalism

Posted on September 9, 2013

To pack for a trip. The light-headedness of an anticipated reality coming to life. The beast stirs. To pack is to leave. You’re standing in your bedroom, but you are not there. You think of all the things you need, the layers, layers, layers with the cautious expectation of varied weather; the mini-everything: shampoo, deodorant, and notebook to scrawl vague but wise incoherencies that seem important in the moment; all the tech stuff you’ll want – beware! Everything has a charger. And so you’re not there. To pack is to empathize so deeply with a place that your vision is skewed and you’re suddenly on a foreign cobblestoned or muddy path, lemongrass nearby, needing a new memory card for a shot of the ancient…