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Revisiting Buenos Aires

Posted on August 21, 2011

Can’t shake the feeling that I should be elsewhere. Not sure where exactly, just straight up exploring; like a badass version of someone going house-hunting in the suburbs, EXCEPT THE WORLD IS MY SUBURB. This sentiment coincides with the purchasing of plane tickets to the Dominican Republic, where I’ll snorkel and scuba dive with turtles every day in December. They will also drink champagne with me on New Year’s Eve and kiss me at midnight. What can I say. I’m a playa. (for spanish speakers, pun intended)

Punta Piramides

Posted on February 15, 2011

There was something cleansing about watching the heavy water roll back and forth, washing this coastal steppe that a colony of sea lions call home in Punta Piramides, Argentina. Occasionally a baby would stray from the pack and near the edge, only to be greeted by a new wall of water and subsequently swept back to its mates; it would try again later. The reverberations of this phenomenon matched with the unforgiving wind completely displaced me from reality, and it seemed like I could stand in that spot forever. All ailments forgotten, the rich blue of the water brought a sudden stoicism and calm over me (this photo hasn’t been edited); I’d forgotten about my anger five minutes before, anger that resulted from my…

Why Alejandro is Better Than Me

Posted on February 9, 2011

It was one of the most breathtaking expanses of road I’d ever had the privilege of traveling on. The sun’s rays had underscored the mountains’ jagged yet fluid forms, and there was nothing but pristine landscape in every direction. I had cursed myself for being human and having the biological need to blink so often – it was time I could’ve spent drooling over this unbelievable place. The Andes typically do that to people. Appreciative people, anyways. You become overwhelmed with bliss and, in my case, unprecedented delirium from doing nothing but staring. Every 30 kilometers along Ruta 51, there are villages of about 40 people. Many of them stay there their entire lives, but not out of immobility or poverty or inconvenience. All…

Coffee Breaks are Underrated

Posted on January 25, 2011

If I took anything away from Argentina, it would be the value of sitting and drinking coffee. Frequenting cafes is a way of life there, just like in Europe, and I just wish it were a custom in the US that I could partake in daily. The chaos, the rush, the go-go-go attitude here can be very off-putting and stressful, and I believe everyone would benefit from adopting this custom. It’s about enjoying the moment and not taking life too seriously. If I had any complaint about the students at my university, it would be that they’re too future oriented and not at all present oriented. Some kids can’t wait to graduate the moment they’re accepted in college. Who ever said these were supposed…