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Fish in Ice

Posted on August 3, 2012

A tune, perhaps? She begins speaking to me. Excellent English with a slight German accent. A few sentences in, I ask if I could record her. “It was cloudy like this when I first met him,” she says. “Walls of rain will come down later, by the way.” She asks if I’d like to relocate to some kind of shelter. I tell her I don’t mind the rain, I prefer it actually. She continues: “I don’t know where the beginning of this story is. But would you like to hear it?” “Only if you want to tell it.” I hear thunder in the distance. A breeze picks up and swirls dead leaves in a tiny cyclone a few meters away. “He is Austrian, I…

Photo Essay: An Austrian Love

Posted on August 2, 2012

I feel glad to be alone here. I’m often at peace, but the calm is especially pronounced as I wind through the Bavarian Alps. The crystal clear water probably splashes clarity. Talking with some Argentinians in Amsterdam, they find out I’m traveling alone. Then they relinquish a group “awww” and look at me with sad brown eyes, saying preciosa and pobrecita. Poor me, indeed! Achieving my travel dreams whether or not someone will accompany me on them! And then this thing called cultural relativism kicks in: to them, it’s extremely unorthodox for a young blonde woman to go without steady companionship for extended periods of time, especially in foreign places.  But I say in Spanish with that unique Argentine flare as I point to…

Welcome to Austria!

Posted on July 31, 2012

 I seldom do narratives on this blog because I seldom pull them off, but I’m going to try anyway. Yesterday I was in a cozy Stockholm suburb, today I am in Salzburg. There is something exhausting and comforting about transit. It’s kind of like scuba diving: long hours of relative peace and serenity peppered with moments of hurried panic (will I make the train? Shit, I’m on the wrong platform!!). And then you arrive, eventually, and the world seems still again. From Stockholm I fly to Munich. I intend on staying in the city for at least a day; I have been there before, but it truly is a gorgeous place and the weather is beyond agreeable. And so I quickly book the cheapest…