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Burmese Days

Posted on February 18, 2015

These days I’m in Myanmar, and these days reliable Internet isn’t a thing anymore and neighborhood-wide power outages are very reliable. All my writing regarding this country so far is scrawled on the backs of forlorn receipts and tickets, and I’ve nowhere to put them (Posting a post about why I can’t post has taken me two hours.) For the best, though, as Burma is one of the most compelling places I’ve ever been and it would be a shame to squander it in a dusty Internet cafe surrounded by teenage boys playing World of Warcraft. So until I’m forced to leave this place that has so captured my heart, so much so that I’m seriously considering moving here, The Squeaky Robot will take…


Posted on September 18, 2011

Many people like to remind me how much my life resembles a movie, and yet I’m still left feeling uninspired and unable to come up with anything blog-worthy. The fact that this slump coincides with a long-ish stint in the US is no coincidence. Why should you care about my troubles with modern bookstores and my misadventures, academic, romantic, or otherwise? You shouldn’t. The trouble is, I don’t have the time to present them in an entertaining manner. Which is why I am reserving a blog-hiatus of an undisclosed length, until I can get my creative shit together and think of something that isn’t so nauseatingly self-indulgent. Even this explanation is only for my poor mother, who checks this site every morning in hopes…