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Playing with Lines

Posted on March 1, 2012

Sometimes I dream about this photo, taken in southern Spain. Sometimes I dream I can dive from the highest antennae platform right into the sapphire water, like no distance separates the two, like it is all one horizon, like the world is really a 2D Mario game circa 1993 and no one is bothered by the hassles of 3-dimensionality. Montevideo, Uruguay. Wintertime. The air is thick with exhaust and parilla fumes. I steer clear of this vendor’s display even though I am interested in purchasing oranges, simply because that is always an interest of mine. But I have a tendency to knock things over, and indeed, this has the potential to be the mother of all fuck-ups. Spetses, Greece. There is some local joke…

The Doctor Says: Go to Greece

Posted on February 11, 2011

Greece has about 1400 islands and over 200 of them are uninhabited. This means that if you happen to be stranded in the Mediterranean – don’t you hate it when that happens – there’s a good chance you could land on an island completely unscathed and undeveloped. In other words, this sea is peppered with 200 pockets of paradise. Excuse me, I have to get myself to Greece. I’ve been enamored by this country for quite some time now. Especially with the mountainous islands or the countryside to the north, there’s an aura of mystery, purity, and history that can be felt on the face just as Greece’s sun can be felt on your skin. On every hike and every walk, I couldn’t rid…

Greeks Do It the Best

Posted on January 26, 2011

The seafood and meats found in Mediterranean countries is arguably some of the best. Because they’re difficult to replicate (I’m in college! Do you know the price of veal??), I have to resort to looking at my photographs and hoping that will satisfy me enough to stop craving this Greek fare. It never works, so I’ll just have to wait for my return. The best thing about this food is that it looks overly complicated to make, but it’s remarkably simple. Veal cooked in tomato stew covered in feta, seasonings, and herbs, all roasted in a clay pot. The picture below is self-explanatory, even though I consider any sardines served without lemon nothing short of an abomination.