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Holi Smokes

Posted on April 15, 2013

Another year, another Holi. In 2011, I framed the event as a much needed means of relieving tension and inhibitions. In 2012, it was a way of finding solace in constants. Now, I cannot happily joke about color bombs in light of Boston’s actual bombs. But I know this: for every terrible thing in this world, I can name one thousand awesome or beautiful or good things, and Holi is one of them.

On Holi, Constants, and Constant Musings

Posted on April 15, 2012

Objectivity is indicative of a decent war photographer, not necessarily of a decent person. But how to ignore the human instinct to act, to get involved when terror greets you from all directions? To properly document combat, you must maintain the position of a fly on the wall and you must get dirty. During this year’s Holi festivities, I did one of these things well enough to warrant a Pulitzer. I once wrote about my year in 2011. In neat little paragraphs, I talked about what I did each month and what I learned in these thirty-day increments. In April 2011, Holi directly contributed to the musing, “perspective is your shit shield”, a lesson that I now live by.  I once considered getting a…