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A City Overrun

Posted on July 24, 2012

Old men in Birkenstocks and tunics walk the streets of Amsterdam.  People like these congregate in great numbers along the main shopping streets and smoking alleys. Even though weed is illegal but still allowed, many tourists come to this city to taste a brief thrill of overt liberalism.  Consequently, many tourists visit the same places and take the same pictures. I feel like this city is overrun with foreigners; the beaten path is every path, and there’s hardly an angle or street corner that hasn’t been repetitively photographed. It is so difficult to be original – or as close to original as possible – here for that reason. I would step away from the crowds into a quiet alleyway, one lined with flowers and…

Day on the Town

Posted on July 22, 2012

If this small photo set convinces you Holland is a lovely place, you’d be on to something. And because this blog deals with the more or less hazy nature of ‘home’ and whatever it means, let me just say this: the air smells . . .new. Untouched. As if I’m the very first person to breathe it. Emitted directly from a flower into my lungs. When the air doesn’t smell this way, it smells like horse shit or bonfires. Ah! Takes me back! Seriously – there is no better smell than that of wood burning outdoors. Amsterdam is beautiful but too touristy. More than that, these particular tourists are annoying as fuck because they go around asking unassuming shopkeepers where they can score some…

Humans of Holland

Posted on July 21, 2012

Let us begin on a sleepy side street in the labyrinth that is Amsterdam. Across a canal, I spot a wooden sign that reads “used english books”. I dash. In the front of the store, you can see specs of dust and debris dance in the sunlight. The rest of the shop has fluorescent yellow lighting that flickers and buzzes and makes you feel uncomfortable after a while. The books are unwanted. They cover obscure, specific topics: an Elizabeth Taylor biography, a history of french playwrights, philosophical essays by unknown minds. They smell old but their pages are like new. The owner is American by birth but moved to Holland years ago. He mentions he’s from southern Indiana and I ask him how he…