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Trinidad & Tobago and the Nature of Wanderlust

Posted on January 9, 2012

I meet John at a bus stop, the kind that has peeling paint, graffiti sloppily covering all three walls, and a shaky rusty tin roof that any decent-sized wind could rip off in a moment’s notice. Waves of heat curl off of the road, exhaust spits out of trucks and cars passing by, and the sun is so blinding it feels like exposing bare skin for two seconds would leave you with a painful and permanent burn. I sit on a cement block inside awaiting my ride. I ask John if he knows when the next bus will be. These conditions aren’t so ideal for an albino like me. It turns out he’s heading to the same place, Scarborough, but via route taxi. We begin to talk. People in this…


Posted on January 6, 2012

I find myself in a different village, on a different beach overlooking a different sea. Everyone still knows each other though – it’s a tiny island where naturally friendly people interact daily. The name of my new proprietor is Neptune. His eyes are bluer than the sea in which the Roman god lives. I immediately notice his accent is different than the others, longer and crisper. “Have you spent time in the UK?”, I ask. He nods. I ask him why he left. “Because the sea isn’t meant to be gray”, he says. He lives alone and drives a silver Beemer. His favorite pastime is gambling with his friends on the beach or sitting on a bench in the middle of town, greeting people he knows.…


Posted on January 3, 2012

I step out of Dagger’s crumbling Nissan and find myself in the hills overlooking a beach-side village. A local woman runs a guesthouse from her basement; even though she’s has the cheapest accommodation in town, she doesn’t get too much business because this is the local’s territory and the typical tourists who frequent Isle Y don’t like to be far away from the beach or far away from other white people. I walk down a few steps and see that the house is being overtaken by palm trees and other tropical foliage. Chickens and roosters survey the hillside scavenging for scraps. A gap in the trees allows a stunning panorama of the bay. Her name is Shirley and she and her quaint digs are my…