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Goodbye to All That

Posted on January 14, 2014

After a personally tumultuous final semester of school I moved back home in May. And it seemed like the second my foot went through the door, it signaled some great wisp of malevolent air that threw my dad out of remission. He was dead in September. The thing that made me relatively okay throughout the year was the grand idea that I was going to see Asia – Vietnam – by the end of it. It was the year of controlled, meditated breaths and talking to myself, coaching, negotiating: I’ll be in Southeast Asia soon. This – travel, place, otherness – had become the solace of my small life. I’ve endured bad breakups with, “Well, at least I have Argentina.” General anxieties about life…

Evening Ending

Posted on January 2, 2014


My end of the year was spent hosting two beautiful Swedish people, explaining how in each downtown Manhattan neighborhood you gotta be stupid rich to live there, all the while realizing as a pseudo-tour guide that I know more about New York than I thought I did and rediscovering the very city that sits in my backyard: This Harlem jazz club is epic. Good beer is here. This was probably the best meal I’ve had in New York. That’s the thing about international friends – it’s an adventure, it’s life-affirming, they provide the change I constantly crave. Around them it’s easy to justify living because around them every moment is a celebration; one more beer, one more, one more because why not? They live far away so when we do meet up, it’s always something cool, something new, something different, and the saga continues. This is inherent happiness.

I hope the end and beginning of your years were excellent, and same goes for every single day of the rest of your life.

Mitt Romney and Mac & Cheese

Posted on June 20, 2012

It’s important for me to name the places I love unconditionally and then repeatedly go to them. I’m convinced it’s good for my well-being, similar to the way that 19th century doctors would declare the cure to every ailment a three-month vacation in the south of France. One  of these places would be Morskie Oko, another would be the expansive lawns of Warsaw’s Lazienki Park. Yet another would be Manhattan’s Lower East Side, a place that is up-and-coming but doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s also drowning in street art that blasts gray facades with rainbows and satire. I often meet my friends for drinks there; we sit, we drink, we talk, we laugh as New York’s magical summer evening weather encroaches. Light breeze,…

Adventures of an Amateur Photographer with an Obsolete Camera

Posted on March 16, 2012

The trials of the enigmatic Nikon FM continue. It became apparent that the film inside the camera had ripped. My sister diagnosed this in a dark closet. She determined the chances that all the pictures would survive to be small. I called my mother – the photo queen – in desperation and she said she would salvage them; it’s her camera, after all, and she’s been dealing with roadblocks like these for thirty years. We returned to inside the closet, a wardrobe so dark I couldn’t see my hand inches away from my face. She declared the problem solved, I cheered, we exited, and opened the camera in the light. It turned out that the film had completely detached from its casing, and the…

The Old Way in New York

Posted on March 11, 2012

I was recently inspired by one blogger, mastermind behind the travel blog Well Worn Soles, to do things the old way. He’s been traveling for a long time, he’s currently in Kenya I believe, with solely the photographic capabilities of an old Minolta. I know what it’s like to backpack for long periods of time in places with unstable infrastructure. I know that having a manual lens on a digital camera is hard enough in terms of opportunities missed. I know that while unpredictability can be a photographer’s best friend, it can also serve as a serious detriment if malfunctions are taken into account. Which is why I was nothing short of astounded when I heard what this kid was doing – traveling the…