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Posted on July 30, 2012

Leaving Sweden is more bitter than sweet. But maybe it’s this smoked moose sausage I’m eating at my gate. It’s been incredible mostly because of my friends here, but also because of Scandinavia’s magnetic charm – the Land of Freedom and Liberty For All should be on Sweden’s flag, unlike one country that shouts those words loudly but doesn’t follow through. Now I can only hope to return the favor half as well as they have – my one friend Andreas in particular deserves a huge thank you  – when they eventually find themselves in the States looking for a helping hand and a couch to crash. You travel, you meet people, you meet them again, and then you leave, knowing that at some…

Every American is Obese

Posted on July 27, 2012

Americans don’t travel internationally as much as Europeans. Not only am I not knowledgeable enough to explain why this is, I’m not ready to speak for the entire country. Money issues? Lack of curiosity or interest? Societal pressures to work as soon as school finishes? Fear? These speculations have the potential to go on ad infinitum, so I just won’t speculate. As a result, people ask questions when they find out where I’m from. They ask about the ‘typical’ American – what do we eat? What do we do for fun? What are the obesity rates nowadays? The Swedish image of the typical American is horrid – fat, heavy breathing, languid, speaking in a slow Southern drawl that parallels an equally slow intellect. Then…

Den Gnisslande Roboten in Stockholm

Posted on July 26, 2012

How about some music?

Isn’t it strange? Simply by knowing a friend who has a friend with a swanky Stockholm pad and roof access, I wind up on said roof, drinking beers, climbing ladders, and laughing with members of Sweden’s navy, all the while not believing the series of random incidents and occurrences that were necessary to find myself at this exact place and time.

The syndrome takes hold: Stockholm my captor, I find myself in love.